Wood flooring must become accustomed to its new environment before it is installed. More specifically, the moisture content of the wood must be brought into balance with the surrounding environment since wood absorbs moisture, planks swell, or shrinks as soon as a home's humidity level changes. Cavender's LLC-The Interior Company in Cookeville, Tennessee, installs engineered wood and solid hardwood flooring in homes and businesses. Our installers closely monitor moisture levels during the acclimation process.

Engineered and solid wood

In general, all types of hardwood flooring need to be acclimated. This includes bamboo, woody grass, and engineered wood, composed of a plywood base and a layer of hardwood. However, it's always best to read the manufacturer's specifications before making a purchasing decision, so you know what to expect. You may find that the hardwood flooring company recommends skipping this step in the installation process.

Before and after installation

The acclimation process usually takes at least three days, and sometimes it can take as long as two weeks. It’s typical for exotic species to take longer to acclimate than domestic species. Your heating or air conditioning system must run for several days before wood flooring is delivered to your home, and your basement must be dry. After the floor is laid, your thermostat must be set between 60 and 80 degrees, and relative humidity must be kept within suggested standards.

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