If you search for the perfect wood flooring, you will eventually have to consider the differences between engineered and solid hardwood flooring. Each product offers plenty of benefits and characteristics, but one may be more likely to suit your requirements than the other, so read along here to find out more.

Engineered or solid hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood flooring features through-body wood construction that provides stability, durability, and a wealth of great benefits beyond these essential attributes. In addition, these floors have the most extended lifespan in this flooring line, offering more than 100 years when properly maintained.

If you need wood floors for a below-grade space, engineered materials are the perfect option. With a layered construction and top wear layer, they offer a performance that stands up well against humidity, moisture, and temperature changes, so they are well worth your consideration.

Both products offer a similar installation technique, allowing you to choose your species, stain color, finish type, and more. And both materials can be refinished once wear begins to show.

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Let us provide the wood flooring for your home

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