Light vs. Dark: How to choose hardwood flooring color

Light vs. Dark: How to choose hardwood flooring color

Choosing a hardwood flooring color is a significant decision. How to decide between light and dark floors is one of the questions we hear most often.

Always remember you can make a floor lighter or darker with a stain. You can even change it easily with sanding and re-staining.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to your needs and style. So here are some questions you should ask yourself before you even step into the hardwood flooring company.

What is my family size?

Kids, pets, and other heavy foot traffic generate scuffs, scratches, and dust. Light-colored floors, such as blond, gray, greige, honey/copper, etc., will hide them better.

On the other hand, dark wood flooring hides dirt. Remember to dust mop regularly, so it doesn't embed between the floorboards.

Do I have Pets?

Light-haired fur will be much more visible on dark floors. The opposite is true for lights floss and dark fur.

What’s your style?

Dark solid hardwood floors are dramatic, sophisticated, and traditional. They can make a stunning design statement, especially when paired with contrasting colors for walls and furnishings.

Designers say light floors, however, will change the face of interior design. They make rooms light, airy, and visually bigger; they also coordinate well with any decor.

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